Professional Historical Rodeo Photos

Historical Rodeo Photos

Approximately 150,000 photos (mostly B&W) available from pro rodeos 1967–1974.

Also a few thousand photos of flora, fauna and scenics available.

Contact me for details (email or 604-485-5744)

All photos copyright Fred Kobsted.

John Dodds Bull riding —Calgary 1967 - "the most dangerous event" in rodeo but this shot shows perfect correlation between rider and mount (albeit reluctantly on the part of the bull).

Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo—aka George McLean) Calgary Stampede Parade 1966 - An historic figure,respected elder & former chief of the Stoney,ridden in the Parade many times and travelled in travois (as a child) to Boeing 747.At 94 this was his last ride in the parade,he died in 1967.

Jim Mihalek on Hud —Tucson 1972 – the “explosive composition” of this rodeo photo serves to show the unpredictability and power of the bareback bronc!

Casey Tibbs on Trails—Edmonton 1967 - classic saddle bronc!

Chuckwagon Races (Slim Helme) Calgary 1967 - the "half-mile of hell" is one of the major attractions of the Calgary Stampede.This shot from the last turn coming into the home stretch shows the driver exhorting his team to the 'max'.

Calf Roping - a beautiful,perfect partnership between man & horse puts the contestant almost half-way down the rope as the brakes are applied and the calf "hits the end of the string" at the annual Ponoka Stampede

Steer Wrestling - "GOTCHA" - In this 1967 rodeo photo from Medicine Hat,Alta. the mount,steer & hazer are all lined out as planned and the "dogger'" is in perfect position

Dick Cosgrave (arena director—Calgary Stampede Rodeo)

Queen of the Night (Sand Lily)

Fish Lake Nordegg Alberta

Bison at Waterton National Park, Alberta

Rocky Rockabar off Old Snort—Calgary Stampede 1967 - " Blown right out of the tub ".This ornery saddle bronc and his rider come to a sudden parting of the ways!


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  1. WOW! Looking good Dad! I am so pleased and proud to see your pictures up here. Have fun and hope this site brings many people to your gallery.

    May 12, 2011 at 6:36 am

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